Americans’ Honeymoon Hotspots Revealed

Americans’ Honeymoon Hotspots Revealed

Honeymoon Hotspots

Exotic far-flung islands now strongly challenging Europe and the Caribbean as over half of Americans seek a once-in-a-lifetime honeymoon experience

Keeping your finger on the pulse is vital when you are a travel specialist – especially one like me that prides herself on giving clients the best possible luxury experience. That’s why I was interested to see in research I conducted that the Indian Ocean destinations now feature strongly among Americans’ favoured honeymoon hotspots. I conducted the research as part of plans to expand my operations into America.

The Maldives, Mauritius and the Seychelles are all now in Americans’ top ten honeymoon destinations, and the numbers make very interesting reading:

The exotic islands are almost one-in-five couple’s honeymoon choice (18%), strongly challenging ‘old world’ destinations Italy, the UK and France (20%), and the traditional US backyard of Mexico, the Bahamas and Barbados (16%). At first I was surprised by this, but when I think back over the year, there have been far more enquiries through Trip Advisor from America then I have known before.

Interestingly, over half of Americans say they want their honeymoon to be a once-in-a-lifetime experience (50.5%) at a dream destination they’ve never been before (52%). For one-in-six (17%) money is no object.

It’s no surprise then, that couples are now viewing honeymoons as the way to kick-off life’s bucket list, with ‘Staying in a hotel penthouse suite’ topping the ‘must do’ list, closely followed by swimming with dolphins and sleeping on a beach under the stars.

A wooden deck with comfy looking chairs overlooks a fantastic sunset with blues, oranges and purples. The sun is disappearing behind a line of stilted palm thatched huts sillhouetted on the horizon and in between the sea is a bright azure

Over 20% of couples spend $8,000 or more on their honeymoon, which is now strongly challenging the venue hire as couples’ biggest wedding spend.

So intent on achieving their honeymoon dream over a third of US couples (37%) asked or will ask their guests to donate towards their honeymoon instead of buying them a gift. 10% wished they had. I think this is a trend we’ll see grow in the coming years.

But even though newly-married American couples are clearly getting more and more adventurous, some things will always remain the same. When I asked what their special touches for a dream honeymoon were, the top three wish list items were a luxury hotel (52%), beautiful beaches (51%) and amazing food (30%).

Well happily enough, I can provide all three, and, for anyone who would like to sleep under the stars in a four-poster bed, then their wish is very much my command!

If you are in New York on 16th November then I will be at the New York Wedding Salon Bridal Show where I would be pleased to discuss your exact requirements over a glass of champagne. And all visitors to my stand will by entered into my competition to win a three-day stay at the incredible One&Only Reethi Rah. Look forward to seeing you there!

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