Choosing the right hotel for you

Choosing the right hotel for you

Choosing the right hotel for you

When booking your holiday, selecting the right hotel or resort can be a challenge. I mean, does anyone really enjoy scrolling through twenty pages of search results, or sifting through a hundred TripAdvisor reviews wondering whether they’ve been written by real guests? Your eyes start to glaze over and your search turns into the equivalent of car crash television as you find yourself purposely seeking out 1* reviews that make you gasp.

Imagine that instead of spending hours reading about other people’s holidays, you could speak to someone who has stayed at each of the hotels on the island that you’re planning on visiting, has direct access to every hotel and resort manager and knows all the best places to visit. That’s precisely what you’re getting when you come to me.

This leaves you free to think about the most important thing: what matters to you and the people you’re holidaying with. Being clear on what you want, and what makes you and your guests happy, means we can match you to precisely the right place to stay. Here’s a couple of quick pointers to get you started:

Age matters

This is not just about the ages in your party – if you’re travelling as a group of friends celebrating your 60th birthdays, you may not want to stay in a resort that’s full of families with toddlers. Equally, if you’re taking teenagers, you want a resort that’s going to give them plenty to do and space to breathe.

All action or total relaxation?

Many resorts will offer a mixture but if you’re looking for a specific type of yoga or you want to spend the day on the water then you need to discuss this in advance. To give you a good example, some resorts are set in beautiful coves which are perfect to watch sunsets from, but can’t offer you long beach walks. Equally if you expect to spend the day water skiing, you’ll need a resort that isn’t heavily affected by tides.

With twenty years’ experience of arranging holidays to the MaldivesMauritius and Southern Africa, I can assure you of a hotel match made in heaven. Contact me, I can’t wait to hear what makes you happy.

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