Safari in Africa

Susie Freeman Travel organised for us to go on safari in Africa in 2018 and it was a trip we will never forget.

We got to deal with the fabulous Susie herself who was a breath of fresh air. As a party of 7, we had many boxes to tick (they were varied with little consensus!) and we were quickly presented with a range of combinations that cleverly seemed to tease out the consistencies. It’s always nice when someone helps makes the decision for you though and we went with her ultimate recommendation of two specific lodges. Each charmed in it’s own way, we were even flown privately between the two and, blissfully, we never had to organise anything, from start to finish.

The first lodge was beautifully located in a private game reserve in South Africa with views stretching across the Waterberg. There were a plethora of activities to keep us entertained and we had the opportunity to get staggeringly close to the wildlife. The evening sundowners with the rangers were a highlight.

From the Waterberg, we moved closer to the Botswana border and were effectively treated to a well-staffed private home in the middle of the wild! Each day, we rose at dawn and felt privileged to lose ourselves in the lives of the animals. We saw all the Big Five but hardly any other humans all week. Despite this, we were treated like kings – the two bathrooms even had heated floors and we were able to choose the menus daily. Last minute requests for a birthday cake and remote viewing of the World Cup semi-final? No problem –  Susie and her team nailed it!

There’re so many safari experiences to choose from but we couldn’t have been more happy with our lot. We’re looking forward to doing the Indian Ocean next.



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