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Mauritius oil spill

How does the Mauritius oil spill affect your holiday?

How does the Mauritius oil spill affect your holiday?

Many of you will be thinking of visiting the beautiful covid-free island of Mauritius for some winter sun. With the recent Mauritius oil spill from the Japanese cargo ship, Wakashio, in the news, you may well be wondering how this will affect your holiday plans.

The saga of the ship has almost come to an end. The ship ran around on the coral reef near Pointe D’Esny in southeast Mauritius a month ago. Wakashio broke in two in mid-August. The forward section has now been towed away and sunk 40 kilometres off the coast. The remaining oil from the aft has been removed, to prevent the risk of further spillage. A plan to dismantle the ship is in place. A clean-up and rehabilitation of the affected lagoons and shores is in full swing, assisted by a team of international experts.

Although undoubtedly an environmental tragedy for our beloved second home, the good news for this island nation which depends on tourism, is that the oil spill has affected only 4% of its coastline. It hasn’t directly impacted any of the islands’ hotels and resorts, even those nearby. They are preparing to receive visitors with the usual warm Mauritian welcome, once the borders reopen.

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