How to have perfect holiday timing

How to have perfect holiday timing

Despite having just been to Dubai, now is not the right time to go. How does one have perfect holiday timing? I went to visit my son for his birthday, which of course is the perfect reason to go. But it’s not the right time.  It’s so hot.  Unbelievably hot.  Only go now if it’s for love, or because you like spending time hopping between air conditioned buildings.

Choosing where to go on holiday is all about timing.  Too early in the season and you might find yourself faced with an endless array of closed restaurants; too late in the season and you may end up in the middle of a monsoon.

So where’s good to go and when?

Perfect holiday right now

Mauritius is where you want to be.  It is low season but the resorts are open and the weather is a wonderful 25-30 degrees.  It’s also incredibly affordable for families at this time of year as many of the resorts are offering deals where children go free – right up until the 30th September – so that’s your summer holiday sorted.  Click here for my offers.


Southern Africa is wonderful during the early summer months and when you’re guaranteed to get the best game views.  You will find that it is quite cold in the early morning and evening but the benefit is beautiful crisp days which are perfect for taking in the breath-taking scenery and wonderful wildlife.  Click here for a selection of my favourite resorts.

Year Round

For me, it’s got to be either Mauritius or The Seychelles. Both these Tropical Islands fulfil most people’s idea of what paradise looks like.  Rich in biodiversity and with a marvellous selection of resorts, you’ll find my personal favourites here. (Note however from late December through until mid-March you can experience the highest rain fall but it is hot!)

Don’t Leave It to Chance

There are, of course, always breaks where you will be pleasantly surprised.  Having recently spent 4 days with friends in Mull, one would expect rain and a chill wind, but not at all.  We had fabulous weather to go with the fabulous company.  Salcombe has been pretty good to us too!

Pleasant surprises are all well and good, but it’s far better when you know what you’re getting.  When you book your next holiday, don’t leave it to chance.  For perfect holiday timing get in touch with me on +44 (0) 1488 668821 or at

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