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How To Travel Safely in 2021: Our Top COVID-19 Travel Tips

How To Travel Safely in 2021: Our Top COVID-19 Travel Tips

In 2020, the travel industry was completely flipped on its head as most countries entered hard lockdowns due to the COVID-19 Pandemic. And in 2021, we’re still facing many challenges when it comes to international travel.


But it is definitely still possible to travel safely in 2021. What you need to realise is that travel is a luxury and it comes with a fair amount of responsibility on the part of the traveler.


In this article we detail how to travel safely in 2021, and provide you with everything you need to know about traveling responsibly in the age of the COVID-19 pandemic.


Firstly, let’s Discuss Ethical Travel in 2021

Before you begin planning your dream trip, have you thought about whether it is ethical to travel in 2021 or not? 


With the COVID-19 pandemic still taking lives, we all have a responsibility to not be a part of the problem and not spread the virus. On the other hand, the tourism industry in many countries has been hit exceptionally hard over the past year, and would it not be ethical to support the travel industry if we are able to?


This is a nuanced topic, and there are no hard and fast answers. Instead, you should take the following factors into consideration when deciding whether it is ethical to travel to a certain destination or not:


  • The current COVID-19 situation in both your location and the destination you plan to visit
  • The government travel warnings in your location and your potential holiday destination
  • Travel insurance, and if your travel insurance covers COVID-19


If everything checks out, please make an effort to travel responsibly, by always wearing a mask, and avoiding crowded areas etc. but we’ll get more into that later!


Travel Safely in 2021: Your Travel Checklist

We’ve already established that traveling in 2021 is different. So your travel checklist is going to look a little different from previous years. Before booking any flights, your checklist should tick off the following:


  • Ensure that your home country, and your intended travel destination are not COVID-19 hotspots, and that you can legally travel between the two countries for tourism purposes. Some hotels in your destination may only be accepting foreign tourists for business purposes, so ensure that you’ll be able to book accommodation. Also make sure that you’ll be allowed to reenter your home country after your holiday.
  • Find out if you’ll need to quarantine before you leave or upon arrival at your destination. Figure out if quarantining is an expense that fits into your budget.
  • Will you need a COVID-19 vaccine in order to travel? And will you be able to obtain one before your intended travel date?
  • Will you need to obtain negative PCR tests before you get to the airport? In most countries, this is likely! You may also need to get a PCR test before you fly home!
  • Look into travel insurance and find an insurance provider that will provide you coverage for the pandemic.
  • Find a trusted tour operator that will be able to help you with the entire process and offer you expert advice to ensure that everything goes smoothly and according to plan!


It’s Time to Be Responsible!

If you’ve found a way in which you can legally and practically have a holiday in 2021, you should educate yourself in traveling responsibly.


How do you travel responsibly and safely in 2021?


  • Get tested. Even if tests are not required (but they probably are), you should ensure that you test negative for COVID-19 before embarking on your holiday.
  • Stick to the rules! Follow all of the safety and travel guidelines laid out for you. Always ensure that you social distance, wear a mask, and sanitise regularly at the very least.
  • Follow quarantine protocol when you return home.
  • Avoid areas that are very busy. This is the perfect opportunity to go a hiking or nature-based holiday where you won’t be constantly interacting with people.

Don’t forget to be just as responsible as you would be pre-COVID when it comes to things like not littering and not supporting unsustainable industries when traveling.


New Essentials To Pack

Now that you’re traveling during a pandemic, you’ll need to bring along the ‘new essentials’ with you, and that means multiple cloth masks, gloves, hand santiser, and eco wipes.


Additional Tips

Here are a few more additional tips when it comes to traveling during COVID-19:


  • Have flexible plans- understand that things can always change so it’s important to be flexible in your plans and have alternative destinations in mind.
  • Ensure you have the budget- Traveling during COVID-19 can be pricey, and ensure you have sufficient funds, as well as emergency funds.
  • Prioirtise your health- Boost your immune system by eating healthily and exercising regularly. 
  • Travel locally- If international travel proves to be too difficult or expensive, have a look at what your own country can offer you in terms of travel!




Interested in booking a COVID-friendly holiday? The team at Susie Freeman are incredibly knowledgeable and would love to help you plan your dream holiday that is compliant with all current COVID-19 restrictions. Get in touch with us today! We’d love to hear from you!

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