Seven questions to ask before booking your holiday

Seven questions to ask before booking your holiday

We always take the time to understand our clients before we make any form of recommendation – it’s what ensures they get the holiday experience they have been dreaming of. Here’s seven questions to ask before booking your holiday:

1. Budget

How much do you want to spend overall? Think about what you’d be happy to spend on trips, car hire, incidentals. This will help us choose the right resort in the right location for you and help you take advantage of any cost savings in advance (such as using our recommended car hire company / ground handler for tours).

2. Age

What are the ages of your party and what age groups are you happy to holiday around? If you specifically want to avoid family resorts or couples hotels then let us know.

3.  Food glorious food

Whether you’re on a voyage of food discovery or have strict dietary requirements, being clear up front can help you to avoid difficulties when you’re away.

4.  How quiet is too quiet?

There are many beautiful resorts in Mauritius, the Maldives and Southern Africa that are blissfully quiet, but if you like a little more going then make sure this is on your list.

5.  Pre-arranged or self-motivated?

This goes for travelling around the islands as well as activities. Are you happy to hire a car or would you prefer a driver? Do you want to swim in the sea all day or would you prefer taking a tour in a boat? Discussing this up front with us will enable you to plan as much, or as little in advance as you’d like.

6.  Are you a water baby?

If you’re seeking a specific type of activity, such as kite-surfing, then you should make this part of your holiday plan. Some resorts don’t yet offer all water sports and some are affected by tides. This goes for sea swimming too – if you plan to do lots then we’ll find you a resort that doesn’t require you to walk a mile in the shallows before you can dive in.

7.  Is it a special occasion?

If you’re celebrating, don’t be shy! It doesn’t mean that the hotel will make a spectacle of you, but knowing that you’re marking a birthday or anniversary gives us the opportunity to make suggestions to make your stay even more special.

If you’d like more insights on how to make sure your next journey is a successful one; get in touch, I’d love to help.

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