Susie Freeman Investigates: Breakfast

Susie Freeman Investigates: Breakfast

Selecting a destination is something that I take very seriously so I’m going to share with you a series of short posts where you can find out what really goes on, when I’m researching a new resort.  Let’s begin with breakfast.

 Crucial questions for breakfast:

  • Is it buffet, a la carte or both?  In each instance, I’m checking the quality, variety and freshness of the food, as well as the service.
  • Can I sit outside to enjoy the view?  The view may be beautiful but the climate may mean that you need shade from 9am.  If this is the case I expect the hotel or resort to offer sun shades, fans or canopies to keep you cool as you enjoy your coffee.
  • Can I see the view if I’m inside?  Whether you’ve not made it down to breakfast early enough to sit outside, or you prefer a little more privacy, it’s important that the view from inside the restaurant is a good one.
  • Is there enough for everyone?  Breakfast should provide you with the perfect start to your day.  It should not be about crowds and queues or sad-looking bacon left under a heat lamp. Luxury destinations should be plentiful in food, space and service.
  • Do I have everything I need?  There should be fresh water, cutlery and enough space to place my sunglasses.  Good resorts will even provide you with a stool on which to place your bag.  This is not to say it has to be formal – even the most ‘barefoot chic’ of destinations that I recommend make sure they’re thinking about what you need before it even crosses your mind.

With breakfast done, my mind is immediately on to the next thing.  Look out for my next post: Let’s Do Lunch.




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