Upgrade your Bucket List in Six Easy Steps

Upgrade your Bucket List in Six Easy Steps

If you want to upgrade your Bucket List by adding the holiday of a lifetime to it, here’s what I suggest:

1.     Be clear about your budget

You want the best that your money can buy which is why we help clients plan their budget right down to consideration of tipping and taxes.  If you prefer to know up front exactly how much you will spend then many luxury resorts now offer elegant all-inclusive packages that include fine-dining, spa experiences and water sports.

2.     Be serious about your scenery

What does paradise look like for you?  Is it white sands and azure seas or lush tropical jungles?  Do you want to dive straight out of your villa into the ocean, or do you want to wake to mountain views?

3.     Be specific about service

There’s a reason that some hotels are awarded six-stars.  Do you want a personal butler, a concierge on call, or are you happy with an extremely efficient reception desk?

4.     Decide on your privacy settings

If you enjoy life’s luxuries but prefer them without fanfare, we have close connections with a number of resorts that specialise in discrete getaways – you’ll feel like the only person on the island.

5.     You decide what makes it unique

Did you know that it’s possible to combine horse riding with a safari?  Or a luxury break in Mauritius with exclusive aesthetic treatments?  From arriving by helicopter to bespoke sporting and gourmet experiences – our whole service is geared around your requirements.

6.     Give everyone the holiday of a lifetime

It’s no good if only one person is having the time of their life.  Do the children need adventure but you need a break?  Or perhaps you want to sharpen your tennis serve while your partner prefers to meditate.  Writing a list of everyone’s wishes gives them all the holiday they deserve – and gives you extra brownie points!

Susie Freeman Travel specialises in bespoke holidays-of-a-lifetime to Mauritius, the Maldives, the Seychelles and Southern Africa.  If you’d like us to help you upgrade your bucket list, please get in touch.

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