Where is the Perfect Place to Propose?

Where is the Perfect Place to Propose?

There are plenty of perfectly reasonable places to propose. You might be asking yourself, “where is the the perfect place to propose?”

In a petal strewn garden with a string quartet playing “Love Story”

On a private terrace watching a spectacular sunset over the savannah

At a party full of family and friends where everyone’s had just a bit too much fizz

I would not recommend proposing on live television or on a big screen at a sporting event (unless you’re certain she’s going to say “yes”) or at someone else’s wedding (very bad form indeed!) but if you want to win the prize for the best proposal ever, then here’s where you want to do it:

If you’re wondering where “here” is, it’s the deck at – one of my new for 2015 destinations and most certainly the most romantic place I’ve had supper.

Making your proposal on this platform for two in the middle of the ocean, attended by discrete staff who will cater for every nuance you need to make the moment magical, makes this hands down the perfect place to propose.  The only question is – where will you have your honeymoon?

To book your perfect place to propose, or plan your once-in-a-lifetime honeymoon, contact Susie Freeman Travel – we’ll turn your dreams into reality

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