Your Checklist for Travelling with Babies

Your Checklist for Travelling with Babies

The process of having children (and even conceiving them these days!), comes with quite a list. It is a wonder that any of us managed to bring our children up twenty years ago given we had not much more than towelling nappies and common sense. That said, if you are travelling with very small children, you really do need to be clear on your requirements. Provisions for children vary by country so I would suggest you make a checklist for travelling with babies and  a list of what’s important to you, which you can then use to help you select your destination, resort, or hotel. Here’s my starter for ten:

1. Feeding

Are you breast feeding / bottle feeding or a mixture of the two? Is your little one finicky when it comes to weaning or a wriggler at the tea table? Consider whether you’re going to need some of the following:

  • Bottle warmer
  • Sterilised water
  • Somewhere quiet to feed
  • Weaning spoons
  • High chair
  • Nipple cream – you only ever forget it once!

2. Changing

Are you using re-usable or disposable nappies? Does your child have particularly sensitive skin and require a certain brand? I would recommend that you take travel-sized pots of barrier cream / baby wash. Consider also:

  • Baby bath
  • Requesting a delivery of nappies to your suite (we can arrange this – you don’t want to take a suitcase full!)
  • Laundry facilities
  • Changing mats and disposal facilities

3. Transport on the island

Car seats are extremely important. If you’re travelling with primary-school age children, the Trunki Boostapak offers a great combination of car seat + backpack which saves you all sorts of money and hassle but if you’re travelling with babies – you’ll need reassurance on:

  • Car seat availability and suitability
  • Whether you can transport and use your own
  • Provision of pushchairs or safe transit of your own

4. Staff and safety

Many resorts now offer a wonderful selection of childcare options – from adventure clubs to nannies and babysitters. Here’s what I’d think about:

  • Whether you need to book in advance
  • How staff are vetted
  • What happens in a medical emergency

Hopefully that’s enough to get you started, the only other thing I would recommend is making sure that your camera has plenty of space on the memory card – you’ll want to take lots of photos as they don’t stay little for long!

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