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Just wanted to say thank you to you and your team. We had a superb time and all went like clockwork. We were last at the Dinarobin in 2017 and although I suspect that they have not spent much in the interim on the hotel, especially due to the impact of COVID, it remains a superb hotel, worth every one of its stars.

I would not hesitate to recommend it to people who want luxury, immaculate staff and above all calm. It was 90% + full but you would not have known it, the vast majority – 90%+ again, French and German and well behaved, rather a relief!

Managed to swim not only with dolphins but an obliging Humpback Mother and Calf which was quite an experience. Weather actually not particularly good with a lot of cloud but still a good temperature and did not make much of a difference.

We flew back via Jo’Burg to save a considerable cost and would recommend it if people want to save a few Pounds. No hassle at all with bags booked straight through and came home on an Airbus A350 which was band new and so much nicer as they compress it to a much lower altitude.

Thanks again