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Five years ago, my wife and I began thinking about taking a safari in South Africa. We had traveled extensively throughout  Europe, Asia and South America, not to mention the United States being Americans, and I had always planned all our trips and made all the travel arrangements myself, not interested in going with tour groups. Thinking about going to South Africa on a safari, however, made me somewhat apprehensive as I did not know even how to start planning such a trip.

After a bit of research on the Internet I found several large tour operators that offered packaged safari vacations to various African countries. Some of the booklets they sent me were quite beautiful, but what they offered did not appeal to me because I like to do my own thing. So, I tried to research deeper into seeing if I could set up my safari adventure myself and include a trip on the Blue Train from Cape Town to Pretoria. This took a lot of time with little success.

After a lot of frustration, I started to read reviews by people who had traveled to South Africa and in doing so came across a review that had a glowing reference to Susie Freeman Travel in the UK. I quickly found her website, was extremely impressed by what I saw and read, and consequently contacted Susie to see if she could help me.  And help me she did in spades. Frustration went out the window and success came in the door. It was really a stroke of good luck reading that review.

In the past five years Susie has help me with three different trips to South Africa with safaris at Makweti, Londolozi (twice) and Royal Malewane; arrangements for the Blue Train from Cape Town to Pretoria; a trip to the island of Mauritius; hotel stays at The Oyster Box in KwaZulu Natal and the Birkenhead House in Hermanus; and a trip on Rovas Rail from Pretoria to Victoria Falls in Zimbabwe.

Think about that. After the first trip would I ever had gone back to Susie for help with two more trips if I were not completely pleased and satisfied with her work? Of course not, no one would. And I will tell you why.

There are many reasons so let me start by saying that Susie has firsthand knowledge of the luxury properties listed on her website. She has stayed at many of them herself, so her recommendations come from experience. Working with her and her staff is always a most pleasant experience because they are real professionals in the travel industry. Email communications are handled expeditiously and without error. Our three trips were also somewhat complicated involving air travel, safari and hotel accommodations, train reservations and vehicle transfers. Never once did we miss a beat as all details fell into place seamlessly as we moved about in South Africa. Being in a foreign country a long way from home can be a daunting experience even for an experienced traveler, so knowing that there will be no hitches gives one great peace of mind and the freedom to enjoy fully the new experience.

You are right now reading this testimonial on Susie’s website, and I can say to you enthusiastically and without any reservations whatsoever, do not waste your precious time going anywhere else to seek guidance to plan your travel. Stop right now and contact Susie. It will be one of the best travel decisions you will ever make.

Frank Eastman, EdD
Charleston SC