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A barefoot hideaway amongst the wild things, with sprawling private villas and endless empty beaches.

The hotel

Fregate Island is currently closed and will be reopening in 2025 as a destination that will be all the more special

With only 16 villas, Fregate is a honeymooners paradise that feels well and truly secluded. A thrilling 20-minute helicopter ride from Mahé, this is a resort where you are treated to a front-row view of nature.

There are flocks of tropical birds, lime-green geckos and no fewer than 2,000 jumbo Aldabra tortoises shuffling among the lush grasses. You might not see another soul all day aside from your private butler who’ll look after your every need, organising your meals whenever you fancy them, anywhere on the island. There are seven palm-fringed beaches with spotless white sand, each with clever ‘Beach Occupied’ signs to ensure total privacy.

Villas are vast with sundecks and a gazebo with steps down to a private pool in the rocks, overlooking the ocean. You’ll have your own golf buggy to explore the island and to visit the Rock Spa, perched high in the hills, with its own beautiful water garden, where locally-foraged plants are used in treatments.

Susie Loves

No need to pack too many clothes. With the focus on private dining, you’ll barely see other guests.

After dinner, sip rum and Coke at the Pirates Bar beach hut while gazing at the stars.

Take a nature walk with the resident conservationist along some of the 11km of trails criss-crossing the island.